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School of Excellence

At Oscar we take great pride in developing "homegrown" talent. Around 90% of our current recruitment team joined us as trainees and have progressed through the company structure.

We understand that everyone learns differently, which is why we produced the School of Excellence, a personalised training programme designed to develop every member of our team to the best of their ability and have fun whilst doing so - from new recruits to senior managers.

Delivered by our in-house Training Manager Adam Underwood, we tailor your training programme to your speed and style of learning in order to teach you all the skills you'll need to achieve Recruiting Excellence!

Your training will continue throughout your time at Oscar, with regular reviews and appraisals to help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Why We Developed the School of Excellence Programme

Oscar is built on the success of its employees. Our training strategy has been developed to provide a solid foundation to springboard your career into recruitment - but this is just the beginning.

Continuous improvement and employee development is our primary focus. Oscar has implemented a structured programme which facilitates long term growth and organisational development.

Passion and determination, coupled with our on-going commitment to every employee, means your success will know no bounds!

Why Our Training Works

Our management team are hugely experienced and have seen first-hand which training methods work - and which do not!

Even our Training Manager spent time working as a recruiter to learn the best way to deliver the skills required.

Every person develops best at different speeds and styles. We use a range of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques which can be tailored to your needs, such as classroom-based training, shadowing and much more.

Training has been designed with our core values in mind, allowing everyone to contribute to the long term success and growth of Oscar.

New to Oscar - But Not Recruitment?

The transition into a new environment can be difficult. At Oscar we ensure that regardless of your level of expertise, we guarantee a seamless start to your career with us.

What Will I Learn?

Developed and delivered by our in-house Training & Delivery Manager, our unique, industry-leading training programme combines theory and practical training sessions to provide the ultimate platform for both new and established Consultants to succeed.

This initial programme focuses on an overview of the recruitment life cycle, reiterating the importance of establishing long lasting relationships with candidates and clients alike.

Oscar provides discipline-specific technical training to all consultants, ensuring consistent recruiting excellence.

Our initial programme is further supported by substantial ongoing training throughout your career through structured personal development planning, coaching and mentoring.

At Oscar we are proud of the organic talent we have nurtured - from graduate trainees to senior management and beyond.

Personal Development Plans

PDPs are an Action Plan of your personal and career aspirations – captured, monitored and regularly reviewed.

This is how Oscar records and monitors the development needs of each employee relating to business and competency skills, which will feed into the employee's Annual Review.

They are one element of the performance management cycle, and over the coming months, we will be introducing new processes to ensure the effective management of individuals and teams to achieve high levels of organisational performance.

Your Training Journey
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