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Renewable Energy Recruitment

We are all aware of the need to develop renewable energy sources to supplement the fossil fuel industry.

The world is continuously looking for ways to produce the energy we need whilst reducing the impact on our environment.

The renewables industry is rapidly growing. As a result, Oscar recruitment agency is looking for highly skilled Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Bio and Geothermal energy professionals across our offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Many countries – particularly in the Far East – are now offering considerable feed-in tariffs to encourage local and international project investment. However, as the projects move into design and construction, the demand for experienced local talent for these projects is higher than the volume of qualified candidates.

We work with organisations of all sizes, creating recruitment solutions to find talented professionals who meet their skill demands and feed into their manpower planning.

Our Renewables team are experts in this field. We have a firm understanding of your skills and job requirements, and as a result we can match you with the type of work / development / project that perfectly meets your needs.

We recruit for a range of Renewable energy sectors, including: