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Recruitment In Numbers - June Edition

Recruitment In Numbers- June Edition

Key Points from May

  • 33% of employers think the top priority for the new government should be developing a strategy to ensure that businesses have access to a large skill pool.
  • Employers satisfaction with candidates from recruitment agencies has improved 8% since June 2016.

Skills Shortages

The top three areas where employers are expecting skills shortages remain the same as last month, with jobs in the Construction sector taking top spot ahead of Engineering and Health & Social Care.

42% of employers highlighted a concern over the amount of skills shortages.

32% of employers anticipate a shortage of temporary candidates, with the main areas of concern being Health & Social Care, Engineering and Hospitality.

Importance of Agency Workers to Employers

The majority of employers still think that agency workers are most important during 'Peaks in Demand' (63%). 'Covering Leave or Absences' was also considered as important, with 62% of employers stressing that this is where agency workers are used the most.

Employer Satisfaction with Agencies

77% of employers said that they were either fairly or very satisfied with recruitment agencies that they had used, with only 10% expressing any kind of dissatisfaction.

Criteria Used by Employers to Select Agencies

'Quality of Service' (95%) and 'Agency Expertise' (87%) were named as the most important to employers when choosing a recruitment partner. The 'Price/Cost of Workers' is also an important factor to UK employers.

Satisfaction with Candidates

56% of UK employers expressed satisfaction with the quality of candidates, slightly lower than last month. However, 20% of all UK employers said that they were very satisfied with the quality of candidates, two points above last month.

Agency Worker Pay Rates

There's a significant regional divide among those who say that agency workers earn more than their permanent counterparts. Beneath a figure of 17% of UK employers stating this to be the case, just 10% of those in the North say that agency worker pay rates were higher than permanent employees, compared to 25% in the South (including London).

Recruitment Channels Used

A significant proportion of employers (78% and 68% for permanent and temporary hires respectively) said that they preferred to recruit new members of staff by 'asking former employees and asking around'.

Source: REC Jobs Outlook Report


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