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Justin, Head of Subsurface

"Finding a Petrophysicist with the ability to not only manage wellsite logging operations in fractured carbonates, but also effectively communicate and interact in multi-cultural environment proved quite a challenge.

"Anthony was able to find an appropriate candidate and move him along in the screening and subsequent hiring process quickly, while keeping everyone well informed. This person ended up as a very successful addition to the technical team and also ended becoming a good friend. Thanks, Anthony, on your good work."

  -  Justin, Head of Subsurface

Consultant: Anthony Birley 


Justin approached Oscar Energy with a complex and specific job description for a candidate who understood Petrophysics (interpretation and methodology) and also possessed significant operational experience with wireline and an understanding of how the information is obtained.


Justin’s company was trying to recruit during a period of large-scale civil riots within Kurdistan, which could potentially make it difficult to attract a suitable candidate to an area which was not frequented by Oil and Gas professionals.

The candidate required by the client would need very broad range of skills – they would need an expert knowledge of a number of different sub-disciplines of Petrophysics, and able to integrate quickly in to a large company in order to coach, mentor and gain the respect of the work force.

Oscar was competing against a number of other recruitment agencies to fill the role.

What We Did

Oscar’s Petrophysics Recruitment Specialist, Anthony Birley, contacted Justin and immediately created a positive relationship. Justin was more than happy to talk about and answer any questions regarding the technical aspects of the role.

Candidates had to be educated about the company’s location, and the attractions and amenities it had to offer.

Whilst qualifying suitable candidates, information was given to them about the location and culture they could see what to expect. This allowed Anthony to allay any fears and answer any questions the candidates might have.

As well as the technical skills, it was important to provide candidates who had specific regional experience, so he prioritised international operators in North America and Europe who had assets in Kurdistan.

Anthony paid attention to the personality traits of each candidate and ensured that the candidates he sent across had a similar work history and had previous experience managing and mentoring national workforces. This would lead to common ground and allow relationships to be built more quickly.

After speaking at length to a number of professionals about the role, Anthony gave Justin a shortlist of perfect candidates to be interviewed.

The Results:

Following a two-stage interview, the candidate who Anthony had identified as the best choice was offered and accepted the position.

The client and candidate have since become strong friends, and he has recommended Oscar to other hiring managers within his network.