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Global Mobilisation Solutions

A career in the Energy industry can take you to locations all over the world – from Drilling jobs off the coast of Aberdeen, to Geophysics experts in the Middle East.

Bringing in employees from overseas with a wealth of experience and a highly sought-after set of skills can play a fundamental part in the success of your business – however there are often a number of factors you must consider to make the transition fast and hassle-free.

Oscar team offer a full, personalised Global Mobilisation service to support both permanent employees and contractors. We have helped numerous workers and their families adjust effortlessly to different locations and cultures - leaving them free to focus on becoming an asset to your organisation.

We can help you with issues including:

Finance and Tax Liability

Personal tax and social security regulations can differ dramatically between locations, and we understand that getting to grips with your liabilities within a short period of time can be a daunting prospect.

Our team are able to provide employees with valuable advice on local tax laws and provide referrals to trusted accountant who will ensure the assignment remains fully compliant throughout the time in the country.

The setup for payroll can also be included, and varies on a country-by-country basis based on local laws and regulations. Oscar provides guidance on cost efficient and compliant payroll solutions at all times.

Visas and Work Permits

Applying for Passports, Visas and Work Permits for everyone involved in the move can be a lengthy and complex process which has the potential to hold up a move indefinitely.

The Oscar team will help you to manage the entire immigration process to make the move quick, simple and hassle free.

We can apply on an employee’s behalf to help them obtain all necessary documents – including work permits, visas and passports – to ensure they are fully compliant with all immigration laws are ready to work when they enter the country.

In some situations, Oscar will be the in-country employer to meet the requirements of a complaint situation. This often helps companies who do not have an established presence or access to visas for the country in question.

Health, Security and Insurance

At Oscar, the security and safety of each client and candidates is our number one concern.

In regions which pose potential security threats, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure candidates are provided with the best healthcare, insurance and security support.

Travel / Living Arrangements (Mobilisation)

The prospect of uprooting your family and moving to a foreign country can be understandably daunting for some candidates.

Oscar’s team go beyond the call of duty to help employees and their families to acclimatise and enjoy life overseas. We regularly help to organise flights, long and short term accommodation, and even locate the best schools in the area.

We have often found that this service has been a “deal-breaker” for candidates, ensuring your organisation is able to bring in the best talent.

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