Kevin Holt

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Kevin Holt

Managing Director - USA

Kevin Holt is the Managing Director for the Americas across all Oscar brands; Construction, Energy and Technology  – and has been working for the business since 2010.
Kevin spent the beginning of his career in the Manchester HQ before rapidly rising through the Consultant ranks and then taking on full management role looking after the Web and Software Development perm team which was built organically over 5 years. An opportunity then arose to move to America to head up Oscar’s US operation. This responsibility is focused on the development of all Oscar brands, training new recruits, succession planning and all other day-to-day duties. It is well known that from time to time you can see Kevin getting stuck in with the recruitment himself – a physical example of leading from the front!

A little more about Kevin...

Kevin lives by the 3 F’s – Family, Food and Football! (We know Mrs Holt will be pleased to see is the first F). Inspired by Winston Churchill, Kevin works hard to support his own family and the Oscar family.

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