Dale Walker

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Dale Walker

Senior Consultant

Dale Walker was appointed this year to lead and develop Oscar’s Chemicals division within the Oscar Energy brand for the US.
Previously having worked for 2 global recruitment businesses in the Oil, Gas and Chemicals markets, Dale is able to apply many years of knowledge to an incredibly intricate and technical market. Dale
supports chemical manufacturers, distributors and consultancies on their recruitment strategy for all mid-senior and C-Suite level hires on a permanent or temporary basis. Dale really makes his presence known with a personable yet thorough approach to ensure accuracy and quality – this can be found throughout all of Dale’s services including but not limited too: compensation analysis, talent pooling, competency assessment, headhunting and contingent recruitment.

So who is Dale?

Described by friends and family as protective, cheeky and a feeder (you’ve been warned!). When not working hard in the office you will find Dale down at the golf course playing the unintentional zig-zag
style golf, Dale still hasn’t revealed his handicap but it is understood to be quite high!

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