David, Well Intervention Specialist

“Despite competition for positions, Oscar managed to identify a suitable opportunity with an International Operator in Central Asia quickly, and as a result I spent a very short amount of time out of work. 

"Oscar had a clear understanding of the role, skill set required and logistics of the position, and understood the nature of the region (one I have worked in before). They were highly appreciated during the process - always interested in each step and informed me on time of all relevant points (by email and by phone call). My queries were always solved in a very short time; I always felt their support. 

"I would not hesitate to recommend Oscar or use them again in the future. Thanks a lot for your professionalism and kindness!”

David, Well Intervention Specialist. Central Asia.


David is a Well Intervention Specialist with over ten years of experience working for a major operator.

With uncertainty and possible redundancies being talked about at his place of work, he decided to look for an international assignment and move as soon as possible.

The Challenge

Unfortunately for David, there were a lot of people with similar skills to his looking for a new position, and with the low oil price opportunities for field-based personnel were very limited.

Competition for jobs was high due to many oil price induced redundancies, who were often willing to accept slightly lower terms to secure a new position.

What We Did

Having discussed his situation, skill set and desires, Oscar approached David about a possible opportunity in Central Asia which perfectly matched his requirements.

The interview process for the role was tough, but David was an outstanding candidate. Senior Drilling and Reservoir Consultant Mark Whales thoroughly prepared and guided him through the process to give him the edge on the other candidates, keeping in touch regularly by phone and email.

As he closed in on the position, Mark also provided all the necessary information David would need to complete his VISA application to ensure his move overseas was as smooth and easy as possible.

The Results

David was offered and happily accepted the position. At the time of writing, he is currently enjoying working his first rotation.

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