We Read The LinkedIn Global Staffing Trends Report So You Don't Have To... [INFOGRAPHIC]

We Read The LinkedIn Global Staffing Trends Report So You Don't Have To... [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Adam Underwood - over 5 years ago

Global Staffing Trends 2017

Global Staffing Trends 2017 - What you need to know about the state of the recruitment industry.

LinkedIn's Global staffing trends report is designed to help recruitment leaders and candidates alike understand the ongoing changes and statistics within the industry.

The report is based on survey responses of over 2000 staffing recruitment professionals from around the world working at manager level or higher.

Top 4 Takeaways

  • Staffing Firms are expected to grow.
  • The volume of placements will increase.
  • The budget goes to traditional tactics but branding tops investment wish list.
  • Social recruiting, candidate diversity and screening automation are the trends defining the future of recruiting.


An impressive 68% of staffing firms said that they expect to grow throughout 2017, with only 2% anticipating a decrease.

The main roles that staffing firms will be looking to hire are recruiters and sourcers.


As well as increasing their own headcount, staffing firms also anticipate that the volume of candidates placed will increase.

Average time to place candidates is also decreasing. 83% of staffing firms said that it took less than 2 months to place a new candidate.

IT, Engineering and sales were named as the highest priority roles to fill, and staffing firms are thinking about targeting these groups with highly customised content that is relevant to them.


Over half of recruitment firms expect their budget to increase, with most teams pouring more money into job boards and recruiting tools.

If money weren't a constraint, firms said that they would invest in business development and branding due to challenges in attracting clients.


Along with growing budgets, client demands and the expected number of placements are also on the rise.

With this in mind, it's no surprise that over half of firms said that using social and professional networks to generate new business will become one of the top trends moving forward. This also ties in with recruitment firms branching out into using innovative interviewing tools, possibly using automation to speed up the process.

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