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Arnoud, Group Head E&P

“The gradual build-up since mid-2014 of a team of skilled oil-and-gas professionals has been made possible through the relentless efforts of Oscar, placing highly motivated staff members including myself.

“As A-Z’s activities are expected to increase significantly in the coming years, additional staffing requirements are almost certain to pop up – and I count on Oscar for continued assistance to satisfy these requirements.”

Arnoud, Group Head E&P

Consultant: Chris Harrison


A-Z Petroleum is a new player in the African Exploration and Production business with numerous operated exploration assets throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

The company belongs to the Chicason Group, a major Nigerian industrial conglomerate.

Oscar initially provided the Group Head for E&P, who was hired to co-ordinate operating activities and at the same time build up the technical team required to do so.


Since 2014, A-Z has been looking to grow their to upstream business team in order to further expand its current portfolio of mostly operated exploration blocks.

They contacted Oscar to help them fill two senior positions – a Senior Geophysicist and a Group Head of E&P.

The company believed that the location and potential implications of an indigenous company in Lagos could be a major obstacle to attracting the best candidates, with negative stereotypes surrounding security issues and the financial solidity of Nigerian businesses.

What We Did

The man responsible for filling A-Z’s positions was Oscar’s Geoscience recruitment specialist, Chris Harrison.

With an extensive database of active and passive candidates built up through years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Chris created a shortlist of experts who possessed the highly technical skill sets required to fill the roles.

After speaking in depth to each potential candidate to gauge their requirements and whether they would be open to a move to Nigeria, Chris provided the company with a select few outstanding professionals to be interviewed.

Once the interviews had taken place, he then ensured that follow-up contract negotiations were conducted in a professional manner compatible with international industry standards. This made A-Z more familiar with procedures that are commonly followed elsewhere.

The Results

Oscar placed two new staff members at A-Z Petroleum, including a Nigerian returnee from the UK, who are now working in their head office in Lagos.

They are fully integrated with their colleagues in other parts of the Chicason Group. Some logistical challenges do remain, but Oscar’s follow-ups, even a year after hiring, does help to limit the impact of such challenges.