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April has Strongest Month for Hiring Since June 2015

With over 138 million workers in the US having LinkedIn profiles, and 20,000 US companies using LinkedIn to recruit, the site is able to give a unique and valuable insight into changing US workforce trends.

April was the strongest month for hiring since June 2015.

After a slow start to March, hiring in the US has picked up in April to become the strongest hiring month since June 2015, according to the latest LinkedIn Workforce Report.

Hiring across the US was 16.7% higher than this time last year, and seasonally adjusted hiring was 3.4% higher in April than March.

However, this seasonally adjusted hiring was mainly fueled by three industries - manufacturing/industrial (up 0.5%), aerospace/automotive/transport (up 1.3%), and software (up 8.5%).

Hiring in the oil and energy industry also enjoyed an increase of 30% when compared to April last year.

Growing cities attract national and international talent, while declining cities attract regional talent.

Cities that are gaining workers tend to have stronger economies than cities that are losing workers.

Generally, the cities that gained the most workers attracted talent from either out-of-state or from the international talent pool.

For example, Seattle - where hiring was 17.9% higher than last year - attracts the majority of its workforce from New York, Los Angeles, Bangalore and London.

This differs from 'declining' cities, for example, Chicago and St Louis, that tend to attract talent from towns and cities across their states.

It may become increasingly challenging for cities that are currently losing workers to attract top talent due to the competitiveness of the markets.

Hiring in Houston is on the rise with a big increase of 32.7% from April 2016.

Oil, gas and energy have also been named among the most abundant skills in Houston, beaten out only by accounting.

Demand for manufacturing skills is strong along the coasts; not the Midwest.

The San Francisco Bay Area, Austin and Washington D.C. have been named as the cities with the greatest demands for skills, in particular, service-industry skills.

The cities with the greatest abundance of skills however are West Palm Beach, Miami - Ft. Lauderdale, and Houston.

The report comes two days before the Labor Department releases its monthly employment data.

Source: LinkedIn Workforce Report/United States/May 2017

The LinkedIn Workforce Report is a monthly report on employment trends in the US workforce.